Technical Capability: Realtime In-App Integration

While KADlytics’ work graphs provide powerful functionality and the generation of deep insights, sometimes all users want is a simple nudge! Approach. KADlytics’ work graph products and services can be delivered as real-time reports, customised dashboards and via in-app integration.  As part of our ongoing research with Autodesk, we created a simple in-app tool… Read More »Technical Capability: Realtime In-App Integration

Case Study: BIM management

Automated BIM management in large construction projects saves 100s hrs for BIM Managers and helps avoid costly delays Large construction projects involve many organisations each of which are responsible for different aspects of design and engineering. Programmes can take many years to complete requiring all aspects to progress… Read More »Case Study: BIM management

Technical Capability: Autodesk Fusion 360 and BIM 360 Integration

For KADlytics’ work graphs to be supplied on demand and automatically to clients, robust, version invariant integration methods must be developed. Approach. In today’s cloud-based SaaS environments, seamless integration and interoperability is enabled by API-led architectures, which are revolutionising software and toolchain integration. This API-led design approach provides the foundations for KADlytics’ work graph products and… Read More »Technical Capability: Autodesk Fusion 360 and BIM 360 Integration

Case Study: Team Dependency

Insights into Team Dependencies and Team Structures increases productivity by 15% Team structure(s) heavily impact the performance of engineering projects. Where teams are new, projects are large, or where team members work across multiple projects, agile management approaches are needed. However, team structures and co-working are often… Read More »Case Study: Team Dependency

Case Study: Technical dependency

Insights into technical dependencies during New Product Development avoids rework and late changes When designing new products or undertaking significant upgrades to existing products, it’s rarely possible to establish all dependencies in advance. Many dependencies emerge as the product develops, with evolving relationships between systems and components that… Read More »Case Study: Technical dependency