Meet NetAI

Our patent pending technology to map, analyse, and interrogate your work. Automatically.


Work, graphed.

We combine data mining, process mining, and AI to create work graphs – maps of the people, files, assets, and workflow across your entire digital footprint.

These workgraphs reveal the hidden story of your data, empowering you with previously unavailable information, intelligence, and insight to power up your business.

Patent application number 2111676.9 filed on 13 August 2021.

Visualise Work Done

Identify people, files, and assets, and monitor their status and progress.

Find Relationships

Map the inter-connected complex relationships that exist across your teams and systems.

Monitor Flows

Identify and track workflows, business processes, information, and critical paths.

Map Structures

Uncover and understand the hidden structures and systems that govern your work.

More than a Map.

Supplement your workgraphs by context and content.

Drill down and roll up through systems, teams, and individuals, mapping knowledge and understanding roles, influence and performance across your business.

Your Data, Your Way.

Accessible Anywhere

Platform agnostic technology can be hosted locally or on the cloud, monitoring any filestore, and give an unrivalled view across teams and infrastructure.

API-First Design

Secure access to any API-enabled platform and system, from shared file stores, to Enterprise Resource Systems, and anywhere in between.

Designed for You

Advanced analytics and visuals integrate with your systems and workflow, providing the information that you need, in the way you need it.

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